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Why Bespoke Military Cufflinks Matter

Why Bespoke Military Cufflinks Matter

There are many occasions in our lives that deserve to be captured in such a way that their memory goes on to live forever. Photographs and videos are one way of doing this, however, there are times when images are simply not enough and the occasion needs to be marked with something special, a keepsake and special memento.

Something so tangible that allows the memories of an event, group or association to linger forever. None more so than for members of the Armed Forces who serve loyally together in peace time and in times of conflict.

These days, many groups serving and retired opt to make bespoke military cufflinks, badges and tie clips to honour a special occasion.

Here are a handful of occasions that may warrant ordering bespoke armed services military cufflinks:

Service date: recognise the dates when you joined your military branch, whether your time was served in the Army, Navy or RAF. Every time you see the date, you’ll recall your time spent with the lads (or the gals), the camaraderie and the good and sometimes not so good times spent in service.

Retirement dinner: stay connected to your regiment mates and friends through your military memorabilia. You might want to be the person who arranges to get the regiment badge put onto a set of cufflinks for each of the guys. Or perhaps go with a badge for the ladies.  It’s a chance to show your respect for the sacrifice made by others.

Centenary annual dinner: Perfect for more formal occasions or for a centenary annual dinner a great memento and perfect award for handing out a item such as cufflinks or tie pins. We can make them in any shape, in any size and colour. We can make as many as you like and can add any emblem.

Reunion: whether it’s been 5 years or 35 years, there comes a time when it's good to meet up again. You may have spoken over the phone or emailed, but it’s not the same as setting eyes on each other. Your group who you spent those years with will be in your presence. Why not give them something to mark the occasion with years on down the line.

Belonging: wearing your military bespoke accessories is something that you’ll cherish. You’ll know what it signifies, and if you meet others from your regiment, you’ll be able to exchange stories and show them that you belong. You’re wearing the military emblem of that regiment.

Although it’s fun to wear the regiment badge on cufflinks, tie pin or even a badge when you’re at the event, the true value comes after the occasion. You’ll be able to wear them to celebrate your time in the military, remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and importantly, so will your children and your grandchildren.

Whether you’re interested in silver, gold, large, small or shaped, we’ve got you covered. can provide you with bespoke cufflinks, tie pins or badges with the emblem of your regiment, whether you’re going to Whitehall for Remembrance Day or because you’re meeting with the troop. Wear your emblem of your regiment on your military cufflinks with pride. 

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