#Welldressedmanproblems – Storing your accessories!


If you are the type of guy who likes to look your best, pays attention to fashion trends and maybe even enjoys shopping more than your lady friends, you have probably already run into this problem: how do you store your cufflinks, ties and lapel pins in order to ensure they are well organised, looked after and easily accessible?


Don’t worry – you are not alone. Read ahead to learn about simple, stylish solutions that will prevent your accessories from getting lost or damaged when they are not in use.


  • Cufflink Storage – If you are guilty of just tossing your cufflinks in a drawer at the end of a long evening out, you really need to stop. After all, high quality cufflinks are something to be treasured and passed down; by treating them carelessly you are likely to lose one or both, not to mention damage them.

It is frustrating to have the perfect outfit in mind, only to be able to find only one cufflink from a set.The best solution to this problem? Keep you cufflinks neat and tidy with a cufflinks storage box. No matter what you personal style, these handsome boxes are available in leather, tweed, wood and many other materials. As a well dressed man, you will appreciate how stylish and contemporary the boxes themselves look – you won’t want to hide them in the closet or away in drawer.


These cufflink storage solutions also make ideal gifts – perfect for a groomsman gift, for your father on upcoming Father’s Day or as a holiday gift for colleagues. Professional, well heeled and timeless, these cufflink boxes will never go out of style.


  • Ties – Taking care of your ties will not only make them last longer, it will save you the headache of searching for a particular style at the last minute. As a rule, silk ties should be hung in a closet from a tie rack, while cotton ties should be rolled and stored in a drawer, ideally in a cubby. Click this link to find a whole series of tie storage ideas.

  • Lapel and tie pins – A handsome lapel or tie pin can really tie a whole ensemble together, providing a polished finishing touch that will change the entire feel of your suit. Storing lapel and tie pins can be nightmarish, because of their small size and often odd shapes.

    A cufflink box or travel cufflink case is often the best place to store these important odds and ends, ensuring that they do not get misplaced, while also keeping them in an attractive container. Depending on the size of your collection, you can keep these pins in with your cufflinks, or purchase a new cufflink box in order to accommodate all of your items.


There you have it – a whole host of solutions for your cufflink, tie and lapel pin storage issues. Do you have any other accessory questions, or do you want to share an idea of your own? Leave a comment below.