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The Masters 2016- Golf Cufflinks


The Masters gets underway today in Augusta and at we couldn't be more excited. With all the talk of the big three there's an element in the office that believe that an outsider will take the green jacket this year. I'm secretly supporting Stenson who i think will surprise us all with a big win soon enough and is in great form. If not him then of course we'd be delighted to see Rory win it.

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Grand National 2016 - Who do you fancy to win?


What will be a hit in the Parade Ring at Aintree Tomorrow? It's Grand National Day! What do you fancy to win the 2016 Crabbies Grand National? Shutthefrontdoor ridden by Barry Gerraghty is a firm favourite in the office this morning but there's still plenty of time to choose - celebrate Grand National Day in Style with lucky Cufflinks

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The ultimate gift for Dad – Novelty Cufflinks

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and it can be really tough to choose the perfect gift year on year. In fact, numerous studies have been conducted and articles written about just how hard it can be to buy dad something he loves. Thankfully, this year the team here at Cufflink Man have you covered, and you can find something perfect for your dear old da’ right here amongst our vast collection of novelty cufflinks.


Yes – you read correctly! Novelty cufflinks are a really fun and unique way to give your dad something perfect this Father’s Day. We have cufflinks that depict almost any niche interest that he might have, and he will get a real kick out of opening this little box on Sunday, June 19th. Your mum will be happy too – this might mean she’ll see him in a suit sometime soon!


Here are just some of the hilarious yet finely crafted cufflinks that we have to offer, grouped by interest.


A Dad Who Loves a Tipple – If your dad loves a pint of beer, we have you covered. We offer nine different beer themed cufflinks, including a “Beeriodic table of elements” and Homer Simpson relaxing with a Duff. If he prefers wine, we have a lovely bottle of red and a wine glass , or if he likes a nip of something stronger, how about a pair of hip flask cufflinks?


A Dad Who loves to Snack – Most dads love a snack, some less healthy than others! If your dad enjoys a delicious doughnut, these chocolate doughnut cufflinks are a hilarious way to show it. Burger and chips more his speed? We have him covered with these fast food cufflinks.


Sporty Dads – Whether your dad loves to watch a cricket match, a game of ice hockey, a football game or nine holes on the gold course, Cufflink Man has a vast array of sport themed cufflinks that will make him jump for joy.


He’s your superhero – If you want to show your dad that he really is your number one superhero, how about some customised superhero cufflinks? We have a full array of fun options, including Batman cufflinks, Superman cufflinks, Spiderman and so many more.


A Career Choice – You can always choose a set of novelty cufflinks around your dad’s profession. An airplane works perfectly for a pilot, a car for a mechanic or driver and a Bobby’s hat for a police officer.  You’ll find many other options, just type your dad’s profession into the search bar on our website.


Dads Who Love Film and TV– Is your dad a pop culture junkie? We have cufflinks featuring dozens of different film and television series, from American favourites such as Star Wars to British classics like Dr. Who.


Have a poke around our website and you will find hundreds of other ideas that will help you celebrate Father’s Day with a truly fun and useful gift. Happy hunting!

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Createonsight Designs reposition

Cufflinkman have worked with Create Onsight over the past few months helping to redesign our homepage, banners and imagery across the website to promote various offers and new product lines. Their latest work was to design a new product catalogue style, to be used initially as a leaflet, which over time will expand to a larger document that is mailed along with orders to our customers.

The aim of the design was to include as many products as possible without over cluttering the page. We used imagery of shirts and suits to give our customers suggestions of what cufflinks to buy with certain outfits. This concept will be developed over the next few months with a bigger catalogue planned in time for Christmas.

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#Welldressedmanproblems – Storing your accessories!


If you are the type of guy who likes to look your best, pays attention to fashion trends and maybe even enjoys shopping more than your lady friends, you have probably already run into this problem: how do you store your cufflinks, ties and lapel pins in order to ensure they are well organised, looked after and easily accessible?


Don’t worry – you are not alone. Read ahead to learn about simple, stylish solutions that will prevent your accessories from getting lost or damaged when they are not in use.


  • Cufflink Storage – If you are guilty of just tossing your cufflinks in a drawer at the end of a long evening out, you really need to stop. After all, high quality cufflinks are something to be treasured and passed down; by treating them carelessly you are likely to lose one or both, not to mention damage them.

It is frustrating to have the perfect outfit in mind, only to be able to find only one cufflink from a set.The best solution to this problem? Keep you cufflinks neat and tidy with a cufflinks storage box. No matter what you personal style, these handsome boxes are available in leather, tweed, wood and many other materials. As a well dressed man, you will appreciate how stylish and contemporary the boxes themselves look – you won’t want to hide them in the closet or away in drawer.


These cufflink storage solutions also make ideal gifts – perfect for a groomsman gift, for your father on upcoming Father’s Day or as a holiday gift for colleagues. Professional, well heeled and timeless, these cufflink boxes will never go out of style.


  • Ties – Taking care of your ties will not only make them last longer, it will save you the headache of searching for a particular style at the last minute. As a rule, silk ties should be hung in a closet from a tie rack, while cotton ties should be rolled and stored in a drawer, ideally in a cubby. Click this link to find a whole series of tie storage ideas.

  • Lapel and tie pins – A handsome lapel or tie pin can really tie a whole ensemble together, providing a polished finishing touch that will change the entire feel of your suit. Storing lapel and tie pins can be nightmarish, because of their small size and often odd shapes.

    A cufflink box or travel cufflink case is often the best place to store these important odds and ends, ensuring that they do not get misplaced, while also keeping them in an attractive container. Depending on the size of your collection, you can keep these pins in with your cufflinks, or purchase a new cufflink box in order to accommodate all of your items.


There you have it – a whole host of solutions for your cufflink, tie and lapel pin storage issues. Do you have any other accessory questions, or do you want to share an idea of your own? Leave a comment below.


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Cufflinks – Buying Guide


Cufflinks come in many different styles, designs, colours, and shapes. With so much choice on offer, it can be difficult to choose the perfect pair, especially if you don’t have an idea in mind regarding what you are looking for. With that being said, read on to discover some top tips on what you should consider when searching for mens cufflinks.

  1. Type – You have various types of cufflinks to choose from, including stud cufflinks, ball return cufflinks, whale back closure cufflinks, chain link cufflinks, and bullet back & toggle closure cufflinks. The latter is the most popular because of the security and ease of using these cufflinks.
  2. Personalisation – You could opt for engraved cufflinks if you are looking to buy someone a present or you want the cufflinks for a special occasion. Personalised cufflinks can feature a date, an initial, a symbol, or anything else that is special to you. You will be the only person to have that pair.
  3. Occasion – Where are you planning on wearing the cufflinks? Wedding cufflinks are very popular, and if you are buying for an event like this you need to make sure you choose something that is sleek, classy, and sophisticated. Humorous cufflinks would not be appropriate for such an occasion, but they could be for your friend’s birthday party, for example. 
  4. Price – With there being so many cufflinks available, the price range is just as varied. This means you are bound to find something in your budget. Or, if you are buying a special pair, you may feel like splashing the cash.
  5. Material – Last but not least, the material used in making cufflinks is important too, and you have many different options to choose from, including gold, carbon fibre, glass, titanium, mother of pearl, enamel, onyx, precious stones, rose gold, stainless steel, sterling silver, and platinum.


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Wedding Cufflinks – Choosing Cufflinks For The Groom

Wedding cufflinks are a great gift for the bride to give the groom on their special day. Not only is it a token of love, but also it is something that the groom can wear again and again, reminding him of the best day of his life. However, with so many mens cufflinks to choose from, how do you select the best ones for your partner? Read on for some top tips.

  • Metal – The first thing you need to consider is the metal that the cufflinks are made from. Should you opt for gold or silver cufflinks? This will largely depend on the suit your partner is going to be wearing on your wedding day. After all, the cufflinks need to match! If your partner wears jewellery, you may already know the type of metal they would prefer. It is advisable to stay away from coloured cufflinks if you want a traditional and elegant wedding theme.
  • Personalisation – You should definitely consider personalised cufflinks when buying for the groom. You could have the cufflinks engraved with the date of your wedding. The options are endless when it comes to engraved cufflinks, from your initials, to ‘Mr & Mrs’, to ‘I love you’. This is the perfect way to add a special and meaningful touch to the present.
  • Shape – Another factor to consider is the shape of the cufflink. You could go for one of the traditional shapes, i.e. oval, square, or rectangular. Or, you may want to go for something more unique. There are even cufflinks that feature a bride and groom on them! Other options include entwined hearts, wedding cakes, and knot cufflinks.

If you consider the three vital points mentioned above, you should have no trouble finding the perfect wedding cufflinks for your partner for the most special day of both your lives.

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5 Reasons to choose Personalised Cufflinks for a perfect gift

Personalised Cufflinks For Men

If you are planning to buy any of the men in your life a gift, it can be difficult to choose something that is at once stylish, useful and timeless. Thankfully, most men wear a suit at least a few times a year, and cufflinks are a big part of a suit’s overall look, polish and feel. An attractive suit without a set of smart cufflinks is lacking and will always look unfinished, and so it makes sense that cufflinks have never gone out of style.


Whether you are planning to buy a new set of cufflinks for yourself, or you are simply looking for the perfect gift for any man in your life, here are five top reasons to choose personalised cufflinks.


  1. Every man can use a pair – Whether you are buying a gift for your father, your colleague or your son, any man will appreciate cufflinks. No matter what their personal style, most men will wear a suit at least a few times a year, and so a set of personalised cufflinks will always be welcome.
  2. A personalised gift can mark a milestone – Whether for a graduation, a wedding or a new birth, giving a personalised gift can make the difference between something that is appreciated to something that is cherished forever and kept as a memento. The items that help us mark a milestone in our lives are often the most precious – engraved cufflinks will be passed down for generations.
  3. Your gift will be unique – Getting a gift for a man who has everything? Chances are that the table will be laden with many similar items – but the personalised cufflinks that you selected will stand out from the crowd and be completely different from the rest. He’ll think of your thoughtfulness every time he glances down at his wrists!
  4. They make excellent groomsmen gifts – If you are getting married, you have a lot on your mind, and those small details (such as selecting the perfect groomsmen’s gifts) can get shoved down to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list. A set of engraved cufflinks for each of your groomsmen makes the perfect gift, and will take any undue stress off of your shoulders.
  5. They can be customised to suit any personal style – Whether you need to buy a gift for a ‘manly man,’ a Joey Essex metrosexual type or a former punk rocker, personalised cufflinks will certainly do the trick. You can alter and adjust their designs in order to perfectly suit any man’s personal style, meaning that they will wear them with pride and your gift will go to good use.


As you can see from the list above, personalised cufflinks are perfect for many occasions and any man in your life – including yourself. Happy gift giving!

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